​Sarah Simmons

Packaged Beauty 2018

Statement of My Words

      Not Cake (2016)

Packaged Beauty (2018)

Harvest 2018

365 Days Later; Year 3 Begins

From Mother's Garden: Nature/Nurture 

 Sarah Simmons and BookGarden Photographs at Gilberti Fine Art    July 2018

Words have power.

The way words are used- intentionally, deliberately, accidentally, impact the receiver of these words in extreme ways. 

Words and nurture.  Words can destroy. 

I use text in my sculptures to investigate ways we communicate with language.  I transform discarded materials in unexpected ways, creating work that appears superfluous and pretty, but upon further examination carries serious and deliberate meaning.  Please, look more closely, think more deeply, and allow yourself to consider what you take for granted to be true, may be more layered and complicated than originally you thought.