Carry on: Denim, diary pages, elastic, ribbon, metal rack

We keep going.  Forging ahead dragging everything with us from the past.  

In 2019 I came into possession of a box of diaries.  I'm not sure if they were intended for the trash or recycling, but they ended up at a book sale and then home with me.  I read all of the diaries, which spanned more than a decade.  In 2020, I set out to document and give a visual story to some of the feelings and experiences from the diaries.  These 5 works came from my interaction with the writer's words.

Strings: dress, diary pages, strings, ribbon, dyes

Things we don't talk about, but hold extreme power over ourselves and others

Blossom: dress, diary pages, thread, embroidery hoop

Mourning for the little girl that had to grow up too soon and wasn't protected

Armor/armer: Metal butchers apron, ribbon, diary

At the beginning of 2020, I was working with old photographs that my grandfather had taken in the 1970's through 1990. playing with the duality of captured images and captured women, I created three pieces with photographs from London, Paris and Copenhagen.

Form: dress form parts, diary pages, pins, thread

the parts we show the outside world are vastly different from what is plastered inside of our hearts and minds.

​Sarah Simmons