BookGarden, ongoing project

Above is Day 1 from 2016 in the Bookgarden

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These images are from the summer 2018                    More BookGarden Images

Sit with Your Words and the Dictionary of Shared Words (2018) from Corners of Thought at Sweetwater Center for the Arts.  Church Pew, Dictionaries, wood, dictionary pages, acrylic paint, over head projector sheets, canvas strap, upholstery tacks

Visitors were encouraged to sit on the bench, think about their words, and add a word to the Dictionary of Shared Words that they felt was important to share.

 Bedtime Stories (2017) wood, discarded books, brackets, screws

 Shown in the Garden Works Sculpture Exhibit at Oglebay Bissonette Gardens​.

Held Words
Materials: books, acrylic, telephone, fabric, paint, cord, thread

While the technical methods in which we communicate information to each other and the world have changed throughout time, the basic forms of a book (large scale information deposit), a spoken message (in person or by technological proxy), or as a hastily written note (handwritten or typed and created for one set of eyes or for all of Twitter to ingest) has not changed.  We have always had the choice of how we handle those messages.  What we communicate is ultimately left to be ignored, noticed, remembered or forgotten.

 Please interact with the phone and discover the satisfaction of a rotary dial and a hefty receiver, write a message to be noticed, ignored, remembered or forgotten, and finally drop it in the bag below.

​Sarah Simmons

Bedtime Stories, currently resides in the BookGarden, this image is from winter 2018

Habitat Suitable for Words to Grow (2018) window installation at Gilberti Fine Art.  lots of fabric, paper, yarn , more fabric, hair stylist  head, vintage hat, paper-mache hands, incorporating some of my womanly sculptures.

describes the way an idea can travel among places between people.


Seed Mother


Goddess of Text


Rippling fabric/water


Phone in use at Sweetwater Center for the Arts during Corners of Thought  

Held Words is still on display at the center.