​Sarah Simmons

Flesh and Blood (2016)

Altered dress, medical 

drawings, embroidery

thread, walker cane, 


Womanly Art of Growing

(2017) altered dress, paper,

beads, jumper cables,

cookie press, hanger,

microphone stand, wire

Wringer  (2016) altered dress, mop, bucket, embroidery, hose, spray insulation

Travel Bar (2016) hanger, coat, travel bar case, bottles, utensils, chair, text, syringe, glass

Shroud of Trifles (2018) Packing slips, receipts, mannequin, jeans, fabric, bits and baubles

Cultivating Vocabulary (2018)

mannaquin legs, fabric, dictionary pages, ribbon, thread, elastic

Make Me Feel Better (2016) scrub top, 

wooden box, text, embroidery thread, 

pills, microphone, stand, storage boxes, 


Textbook Sexuality (2016) crinoline, 

sexuality textbook, wine rack, wine 

bottles, fabric bust, pins, thread, beads

Bottles on top are labeled: sugar, spice, 

everything nice, bottles under skirt are wit, wisdom, ability to do anything

Seed Mother (2018) , mannaquin legs, skirt, fabric, seed pods, beads, geographic maps/images, thread

Resting on my Hips (2016)

valet, cookbooks, spoon, whisk, jars

Illuminated Armor (2015) Book-Cats Eye, vinyl, fabric, coat rack, wire, beads, thread, light, upholstery tacks, 

Woman Grown (2018)  bust, tree stand, fabric, netting, rake, paper, ribbon, words-'Women Grown Sow Future Words' on rake tines

Scarecrow (2018) Rake, flowers, plastic doilies, paint, dictionary pages, text, altered dress

Packaged Beauty (2018) packing materials, altered dress, paper, packing slips, thread