Time Travel 1 & 2 (2016) canvas, mirror, maps, pins, paper cord, metal springs, acrylic.

Look closely into the mirrors and you can see the messages:

"we travel on the same path, but parallel planes"

"I cross space and time to see thru your eyes"

Inspired by Octavia E. Butler's Kindred 

Man's Guide to Strongarming (2016)  sleeve press, trump shirt, iron, book, cement stands

This piece was included in Turning Red ​ at Sweetwater Center for the Arts

I didn't want to call you, I only wanted to hold your hand (2017) phone, book, rolodex, filet board, brass plates, screws, stand

Here Be My Dragons (2016)  embroidery hoop, netting, maps, pins, embroidery thread, lazy susan

Not Cake 2 (2017) cake boxes, city paper, rickrack, cake stand, outrage

Put Em Up -surrender, fight, wait (2015) jars, dictionary pages, ribbon, cabinet door, wood, paper

Reaper (2018) shovel, rake, text, books, wood


I Hide in My Heart (2016) Puzzle frame, wood samples, dictionary pages, paper hearts, acrylic, leather, elastic

Not Cake (2016) cake boxes, civil war maps, cake stand, atlas, lazy suzan, cord, embroidery thread

BookGarden Volume I (2017)  bookgarden photographs, paper, embroidery thread, wood, beads, waxed thread, text

Message Center (2018) salvaged spice cabinet, dictionary pages, walnut shells, thread, sweetgum seed pods 

Harvest (2018) (detail) reclaimed canvas, paper from the BookGarden, shovel, wood, text "you are not alone in your quest for words ripe with meaning"

​Sarah Simmons

Dig Deeper (2018) salvaged wood, acrylic, tiny shovels, paper from the bookgarden, 

Press heat, hold (2017) Iron, shirt sleeve, furniture parts, arm press, paper, poem

Reviving Gaia (2016) IV stand, canvas, collected trash, book paper, embroidery thread, vinyl, oxygen tubing, fake grass

Dyslexia (2015) wood box, reading book, acrylic sheet, copper wire, beads, tacks

Envelop(ed) (2016)  discarded shirts, dedications from discarded books, ribbon, book parts, canvas, thread, dictionary pages

12 f's (12 ways I hope and fear to be seen) (2015)  wood tray, upholstery tacks, paper, dictionary pages, paper cord, cards